Wooden shutters wrap around this Miami home.

Brillhart House

Wooden shutters wrap around this downtown Miami home, which looks onto the surrounding palm trees. Architects Melissa and Jacob Brillhart set out to design their Brillhart house, inspired by Florida's modernism and the dogtrot model to create a tropical oasis in the city. The couple designed and built most of the home themselves.

What you see? A striking interplay of sharp glass and soft wood shutters, creating a simple and practical building that’s rich in cultural heritage. The home takes inspiration from many native building styles, including postwar tropical modernism, glass pavilion typology, and Florida cracker architecture. The dense ipe wood that clads the exterior and columns was chosen to withstand potential termite attacks and the damp tropical climate.

The small, simple, and practical building is both modest and rich in cultural meaning. It attempts to maximize efficiency, space, and energy.

Pictures by Claudia Uribe / Stefani Fachini

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