About me

Good to have lots of goodness around!!!

So why not confess about some of my wildest goodness addictions… As a journalist and photography junkie I love to share my mind thrills with you.

Interior magazine Lover may be an understatement for who I am. One big happy mood when I can read about new things around, everyday, everywhere. Impressions are made with some Scandinavian style, flee market goodies, an overdose of white and sparkling colours. Graphic illustrations lighten up my day, just like home made soups and splendid thai currys, nu-disco music,…

Read, love & share!




  1. ilse

    Wow! Amazing website!!! LOVE IT!!!

  2. marleen depestel

    Zeer mooi gedaan !!! Ben trots op jou !!

  3. Via weekend knack, heb ik je blog leren kennen. Heel leuk! Ik ben je alvast gaan volgen :) Groetjes Julie

  4. Cat

    I just discovered your blog via the article that featured you in the CityZine brochure. I’m an absolute interiors junkie, I live in the UK and visit Brugge 1-2 times every year. I always try to seek out a new copy the CityZine booklet, which helps me to discover new stores, bars and restaurants across the city. I find Brugge such a great place to go for interior shopping, not to mention shoes and, of course, waffles!!
    My question is… do you have a mailing list that I can subscribe to, for email notifications of your new blog posts? If so, could you add my email address to it?
    Many thanks,
    Cat Houston

    • Goedele

      Talking about a late reply, this one can count Cat! Thank you for the kind words! I don’t have a mailing list so I would advise to check my blog
      and fb page every now and then. If you’re planning a visit to Bruges just let me know and I will send you in the right directions for the latest
      goodness in my city! happy holidays! goedele x

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