Polo Architects x Going East

Belgian Polo Architects x Going East in Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde. Charming with an archipelago that stands out for its unique moon landscape with craters, bumps and rocks as far as the eye can see. Where respect for the surrounding landscape is essential. Embraced by both Belgian Polo Architects and Going East.

Together they have created the Cabo Verde Barefoot Luxury Villas. A series of 12 serviced ethnic chic dwellings. Inspired by the birth island of great singer Cesaria Evora, the people and local craftmanship, the energy of the island and the natural environment. have paired cobbled stone walls with neutral interiors to camouflage this cluster of guest villas against Cape Verde's rocky terrain. Matching its immediate surroundings. "It charms with beautiful shades of brown, ochre, red – and contrasts dramatically with the deep blue Atlantic ocean. Respect for the surrounding landscape was essential."

The design team were collectively mindful of the island’s natural characteristics, thereby making decisions for the architecture, interiors and landscaping that are respectful of the arid, rocky terrain. A maximum of four storeys high, the villas are constructed with a raw concrete framework and then clad with stacked basalt stones dug directly from the surrounding valley. As well as being aligned with the traditional Cabo Verdean method of building walls, the rustic ochre and brown tones of the stone work in harmony with the colours of the land.


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