Sildegarnsholmen I Norway

Weekend House, Sildegarnsholmen. Norway.

Oslo-based architect Knut Hjeltnes unveils a home-away-from-home, located on its own Island.  Titled Sildholmen, located off the coast of Remøya in Norway, this private house sits atop a rock foundation which takes up residence to replace a warehouse that was washed away during a storm in the early 1990s.

Due to planning restrictions, a building was allowed only if it shared the same proportions. Constructed off-site, the structure of the home consists of seven steel frames, and four internal volumes, all clad in wood. When not in use, the building closes off from the world entirely. Sliding shutters can be retracted to protect all windows and doors, rendering the home resistant to the kind of weather that destroyed its forebear.

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