On the Chilean coast, 3370 Studio has designed a three part guest house overlooking the South Pacific Ocean.

guest house 8q, chili

On the Chilean coast, 3370 Studio has designed Guest House 8q. Located in Los Vilos and overlooking the South Pacific Ocean. The landscape and local wildlife make it a perfect place from which to contemplate the nature and beauty of Northern Chili.

More and more people seem to find their way towards Chili as a holiday destination. Harbor town Los Vilos is about 200km north of Santiago. The unique "Guest House" consists of three independent glazed volumes and a technical volume joined by a large ventilated roof. The separation of the volumes responds to the order designing a house with a form that could be opened and closed off depending on the desire of the guests.

The social area of the home sits at the center and is flanked by bedroom blocks that open to views of the landscape at each side of the building. The three glazed volumes share the same proportions, but the central block has been rotated slightly in its position, allowing for a partially enclosed outdoor area in which native vegetation is invited to surround the home.
Pictures by Piero Mangiamarchi


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