colour me pretty

Kaleido your way! Just say HAY!

How stylish can pretty colours be? Danish design interior brand HAY makes me love the Kaleido, a series of joyful trays which works as a functional puzzle. Nine lovely colours & five geometric shapes lets us create own designs and colourful configurations. Dressing the coffee table or serving your pomegrenate tea? Collecting tray for beautiful things... It urges us to play, always in search of the next inspiring colour combination

-- choose your kaleido tray dimensions & play --
x-small 19 X 11 cm .
small 22 X 19 cm
medium 33,5 X 19,5 cm
large 39 X 34 cm
x-large 45 X 39 cm

Photos by HAY, www.hay.dk

Design by Clara von Zweigbergk, http://www.claravonzweigbergk.com/


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