Castle Rock Beach House

castle rock beach house, new zealand

A beach house that uses the landscape to influence the design, rather than trying to impose a design upon the landscape. That is Castle Rock Beach House, designed by Herbst Architects.

Every house has its surroundings, its features. Both a crescent shaped beach and a craggy mountain peak are to be seen from the site  here. The beach house is split into two pavilions. A living pavilion on the crest and a bedroom pavilion a floor below running parallel to the slope. The living pavilion has two decks to allow the occupant to track the sun and find shelter from the wind.

The upper and lower pavilions are stitched together by a staircase that t-junctions with the bedroom wing. A gabion wall retains the hillside and runs the length of a semi external passage which provides access to bathrooms and bedrooms. The bathrooms have a semi outdoor shower as the only means of bathing.