tongue chair 1

tongue chair by arne jacobsen relaunched

Grab yourself a chair, a tongue chair! As the Danish furniture brand Howe has relaunched one of Arne Jacobsen's classic designs from 1955!

Howe has replicated the original design and reproduced it using contemporary manufacturing techniques. The relaunched Tongue chair is available in several veneers or with fabric & leather upholstery and with chrome or powder-coated steel legs.

Jacobsen was one of the most famous designers and architects of the mid twentieth century. He designed the chair for the Munkegård School in his native Denmark, but it was not produced commercially until the late 1980's and was withdrawn after just a few years. Tongue was the second chair designed by Jacobsen, shortly after his famous Ant chair, but it never achieved the same widespread distribution as many of his other furniture designs. It was used in the rooms of Jacobsen's famous SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, for which a modified bar stool version was also produced.

Have a seat!

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