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What about this! Superfront, a very nice Scandinavian brand to uplift your Ikea furniture. Based in Stockholm, they design Fronts, Legs and Handles for all cabinets from Ikea (Bestå, Pax and Faktum).

Time to create your unique sideboard, wardrobe or kitchen at a sensible price. Superfront offers 9 different fronts, 8 handles, 8 legs and 12 different colours. Which means endless variations and possibilities!

All fronts, sides and tops are made from high quality MDF board. The white marble they use is Italian Carrara, the green marble is from China, and the limestone is Portuguese. All wooden details, like legs and handles, are made in Sweden. Superfront uses birch and protects it to preserve its natural, light colour. The leather comes from the Swedish tannery Tärnsjö that has been in the business since 1857. Seems definetely as a great Swedish idea & time to freshen up our furniture!

Photos by Superfront

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