living room with daybed

stockholm apartment for sale

During the past few months I have experienced some big changes in life... which has lead to some silence on the blog. I've soaked up quality time and with summer kicking in, I'm ready to fullfill all of you again with lots of interior goodness.

My head and soul are still spinning after the magical AIR concert that I've seen last night. Time for a fruity breakfast and some strong coffee. A vibrant and happy mood that gets a mighty boost by seeing this Stockholm 2 bedroom apartment up for sale at Real estate ad for HusmanHagberg.

The fresh mix of modern and vintage is perfectly in balance, as well as the colours and materials to be seen in every room. Unlike many renovations, this one has carefully picked up the apartment's soul. And although the kitchen is new and modern in its expression, it matches the dark gray tones beautifully with the rough plastered walls and wide patinated original plank floor.

More info: Real estate ad for HusmanHagberg


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