muller van severen seat blue green

muller van severen, furniture with an attitude

Muller Van Severen is a playfull furniture project by Belgian visual artists Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen. Together they developed a mindblowing series of unique design pieces, minimal in form and detailling but maximal in its usability and use of materials.

Different coloured marble stones are being combined with metal profiles and coloured polyethylene cutting boards. Modern basics such as black tubular steel and soft leather come together. "The colours -but also the patterns in the marble stone- give the furniture movement, some kind of gracefulness", they say. Or should we call this furniture with an attitude? Where unique design meets comfort, in colour & style.

Muller Van Severen caught the attention of many interior lovers at the biannual Interieur Design Biennale in Kortrijk in 2012 and more recently at the Milan Design Week 2013. Looking forward to see one of their designs catching my living room attention!

Photos by Muller Van Severen

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