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milk table lamp by &Tradition

Weekend times are there to discover goodness in magazines & newspapers... yes! Last week I've found out that 'my newspaper' De Morgen created a webshop De Morgen & Zonen  where lovely design objects are for sale. Even the great Milk Table Lamp by NORM Architects for &Tradition is to be found there... and at our place!

Never heard about the cute table lamp? It stands out for its simplicity and evocative Scandinavian style, designed by Kasper Ronn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen from Norm Architects. The lamp is made of a translucent milky glass dome and three small unfinished oak supports stick out like stools legs. Equipped with a G9 halogen bulb.

We've found the perfect mood lamp to read our papers in the morning!

-- for sale -- webshop De Morgen & Zonen  --



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