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Louis Poulsen PH 5 lighting

The famous PH 5 lamp by Louis Poulsen has been introduced in 4 new matt colour combinations... White/Pale rose, Dark Grey/Turquoise, Army/Dark Grey, Pale Rose/Green, mat coated.

Looking for some inspiration where to install your lamp? Have a look at the their catalogue where you can see them beautifully styled with House Doctor products. A danish based interior company.

The PH 5 lamp has been hanging over fine dining and office tables since 1958. It gets it name from the diameter of its top shade: 5 refers to 5 dm. Poul Henningsen designed the Poulsen PH 5 with three reflecting shades, a cone and two smaller colored shades that improve the PH 5 light’s color-rendering properties.

Photos: Louis Poulsen Lighting

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