Black/White Limited Edition Hell'o monsters x Café Costume lining.

Hell’O Monsters

Hell'O Monsters! One groovy Belgian art collective I have discovered through my work as a tailor at Café Costume.

Monsters at work: Jerôme Meynen, François Dieltiens and Antoine Detaille. They have recently made some great & limited linings collaboration with Café Costume... but let's say they're thruly known for their unique graphic vocabulary. They left behind wall art, graffiti letters and spray paint in favour of paper, characters, ink drawings and paint, moving on to sculpture, installations and wall drawing.

Their individual styles allows them to create an imaginary universe occupied by hybrid characters such as monsters with multiple eyes, mutated animals,... The group’s creations - despite their colorful and happy look - are in fact caustic commentaries on the adult world, human nature and society.

Time to discover which monster you'll like the best whilst choosing your unique Café Costume lining or at their "Deaf, Dumb and Blind" exposition at Alice Gallery, Brussels.




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