Long Studio Project - Fogo Island, Canada

edgy architecture

Architecture in the most impossible places. EDGY ARCHITECTURE is about challenging building sites without limitations. Flirting with nature in an expressive yet subtle way. A carefully curated photography selection of international projects, creating a signature high-perfomance space frame for every architect or designer.

In more than 50 case studies, author Agata Toromanoff profiles edgy houses built on cliffs, steep mountain slopes, and other treacherous places. Where the idea is to harmonize the landscapes and let the houses become fascinating elements within a breath-taking scenery. Favourite in the book? Long Studio at Fogo Island -Canada- which sits on a rocky cliff above the roaring ocean. A residency-based cultural venue designed by Saunders Architecture and dedicated to artists, filmmakers, writers, designers, thinkers,... It offers creatives from around the world an inspiring space in which to do research and produce their works.

The photographs were taken expressly for this book, and feature interior images and plans. Like Narigua House in Mexico, Long Studio in Canada, Casa Algamar in Chile, Wein House in Argentina,...

Publisher - Lannoo / Marked Books
Author - Agata Toromanoff

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