Hecker Guthrie David's

david’s country shangai

No better place than a restaurant where food & design are merging in a very tasty way! David's Country Shangai is a Melbourne restaurant to discover for sure.

The former Art Deco warehouse space got a design injection by Hecker Guthrie. From a hospitality perspective, David says “it’s not just a reno – but a revolution”, an opportunity to refresh the menu to reflect the bright airy space. Where foodies come together for its authentic yum cha & the interior goodness. A pared-back space in white, combined with pastels, weathered timber and semi-industrial objects.

According to the designers, they placed ‘precariously stacked furniture all the way along one elevation, bridging the gap between decorative and practical.' Although traditional Chinese red was abandoned, a subtle nod to old Shanghai can be seen in the Arik Levy pendant lamps, which reference Chinese paper lanterns.

Photography: Shannon McGrath -- Stylist: Simone Haag



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