casa tiny bedroom

casa tiny

“You can hear the waves, but what you see are trees, plants, and the Sierra Mountains in the distance. It’s about connecting to the outdoors.”

Casa Tiny, Mexico. The feet in the sand and the head in the trees, an exclusive and original stay through Airbnb. Inspired by Thoreau’s Walden, Casa Tiny is a minimalist hideaway constructed of concrete and parota wood. It shines with its small size, ideal in a place where the day is spent outdoors.

Located on the beach of Oaxaca, Mexico, the cottage contains just enough space to put the essentials: a soothing room immersed in nature, a kitchen with a huge central island that runs out, a bathroom dug in the concrete left bare. The concrete and wooden details blend perfect together. Construction costs came to approximately €40.000, including the pool, terraces, access road, and all the installations such as water, electric, sewage, cistern, and passive solar heaters for the water in the bathroom and kitchen.

Casa Tiny is located in sleepy Punta Altares, 30 minutes down the coast from the surf town of Puerto Escondido. The place to rent your car and stock up on the essential supplies.

Photography by Camila Cossio

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