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casa honoré: printing factory becomes design b&b

Always on the go to discover the best b&b while travelling? Then you need to stop in Marseille where Casa Honoré will let you escape in style!

The four-bedroom b&b was once a printing factory but combines design and ultimate relaxation nowadays. Annick Lestrohan and her husband bougth the factory in 2000 and completed the renovation in only 9 months. They created an elegant and luxurious riad-style b&b where original and vintage furnishings are harmonious set together. Next to the white, black and grey surfaces, graphic colour palettes mingle well with the authenticity of the house.

Casa Honoré impresses with its unique and intimate interior styling. Where nothing seems predictable and the historical factory vibe meets urban goodness. Annick designs some of the furniture herself and owns her interiors boutique next door. Natural materials, charming details and beautifully arranged plants create a soothing atmosphere... with ultimate joy at the palm-shaded pool!


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