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sodae house by vmx architects

The SODAE-House is the house of architect Don Murphy, co-founder and director of the Dutch VMX Architects. In a nature area close to Amsterdam, he designed the 500m2 house for himself and his family. Displaying some exceptional contemporary Dutch architecture!

The site is a private island at a crossing of waterways and overlooking the precious green landscape. According to the principle of a bunker, the house is placed as a massive object in the landscape. The large windows are soaking the house in natural light and make you feel like being outside.

The living room and kitchen are both situated in a loft-like space on the first floor. The bedrooms are on the ground floor, orientated towards the garden on the backside. Each with their own entrance, sanitary rooms and staircase. The basement contains an additional fitness room and a home cinema.

What a house... what a design. Architecture that feeds my mind & fills my dreams!

All photos by VMX Architects

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