hollie bowden east london apartment

east london apartment

Dare to be different. In style, personality and interior preferences. Designer Hollie Bowden fills her East London apartment with things from different eras, styles and cultures.

Your home grows with you, as being a passenger through life. "The items you collect are memories that become part of your story,” designer Hollie Bowden says about the many things that fill her home. She’s found them in flea markets throughout the world.

Looking around her two-bedroom address, this happenstance collection of things feels as if it’s a living scrapbook of her personality. Ethereal fabrics and playful light fixtures intertwine with layered textures and graphic art, making all of 600 square feet expand with intrigue. Perhaps that’s because Hollie, who founded her studio in 2013, has designed her home to showcase where she’s been, who she’s been with, and what it all seems to mean.


Pictures by Helenio Barbetta/Living Inside I Styled by Chiara dal Canto

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