al-ula desert house

desert architecture

The "al-ula" desert house. Blending art and architecture in its surrounding topography. With striking views, the complexity of the sandstones rocks, the jagged horizon, the slopes and the rough variety of the desert climate.

"As an artist and an architect, we both strongly faced this epiphany, here in the desert. Therefore, we worked completely collaboratively to enhance it, considering the project as a conceptual totality that blends and blurs the limit between art and architecture, from the conceptual ideas to the technical or structural solutions."

Architect Nicolas Dorval-Bory embraced the power of the environment to his fundamental design of the house. Together with artist Caroline Corbasson they have created a project that inhabits the landscape. "A la manière de Ray and Charles Eames' Powers of ten, we propose here to take a journey into our understanding of Al-'Ula, between the largest fathomable scale of the known Universe, to the smallest observable elements of rocks and dust found in the desert."

Pictures by Nicolas Dorval-Bory Architects