sri lanka

sri lanka

Out and about. When traveling through Sri Lanka this tropical oasis might be on the travel list. Bold and bright design and an adventurous use of space set eyes on this house in Heenatigala.

The entire ground floor is open to the tropical garden that surrounds it, but the expansive open-plan area is creatively designed on multiple levels, with strong lines that make it both imposing and playful.

Pride of place goes to the 15-meter-long infinity pool which flows down towards the sweeping vistas and splashes backwards into house itself. The villa was six years in the making, and it shows in the details – the Palmyra-tree columns supporting the vast roof, the cut-out panels in the walls, the curated art, the audaciously colored walls, the beautifully tiled floors, the almost sculptural staircase cutting into the main living room, the outdoor bathtubs surrounded in tropical vegetation. All of the furniture and fittings are locally handcrafted, making them completely unique.



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