My name is Simone

kids design, keep on loving it!

As many of my friends are on the go to enlarge their family happiness, I thought it was time to explore the existing online kids design a little bit more... To discover happy presents that we all keep on loving! Object goodness that fits the children's room.

One of my favourites are the retro dolls by My name is Simone. Mini organic cotton people with adorable names: Jean-Louis, Super Zéro, Rosalie... Being manufactured in the EU and created with love by Caroline Castagna-Suarez. There is not only a classic collection but also the Paris-Paris Collection | A Tribute to the great names of Couture & a Rock'n Dolls Collection | A Tribute to the great names of Pop Music.

More smiles can be found for the wooden dolls by Alexander Girard for Vitra, the DIY Beau Lamp by Normann Copenhagen, George Nelson's Zoo Timers,... Objects that easily will move from the children's room to the parental hotspots in the house.

More info: My name is Simone + Kids Design

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