Fantastic Frank

Fantastic Frank is taking a novel approach to the world of real estate that most of us are familiar with.

Besides working with some really good estate agents they go one big step further. Before selling their goodness, Fantastic Frank makes sure their photographers and interior stylists treat every home 'for sale' like a sleeping beauty. Stylish & inviting!

Their houses and apartments on the market are without doubt beauties that could fit the pages of the best interior magazines. Their philosophy? To create something that at least one person is going to LOVE. As at the end of the day, it can only have one owner.

What do you think about this Stockholm apartment? It has been for sale last year. And as I liked it that much, I saved the photos to have a look at the apartment every now and then. Moving to Stockholm didn't happen yet...

Fantastic Frank is building an international website for their clients outside Sweden that will be online pretty soon. Stay tuned!

Photos by Fantastic Frank


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  1. Wauw, supermooi appartementje inderdaad!

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