Herengracht Powerhouse Company 3

herengracht house by powerhouse company

Amsterdam is known for its typical Dutch Canal houses... So time to have a look at what happens interior-wise in one of them!

Rotterdam and Copenhagen based architecture and design studio Powerhouse Company has re-designed the interior of their project "Herengracht", located in the city centre of Amsterdam.

"In order to maximize the spatial experience of the lofty apartment, we took out the floors in front of the high windows and reduced all spaces to two main ‘rooms’: the living and kitchen, and the bedroom.

All new furniture elements are made from simple and pure materials that have clear properties such as the paperish black kitchen fronts, the wooden kitchen element, the marble bathroom wall or the dark glass storage room. The rest is left simple and white. Daylight breezily fills up the spaces overlooking the canal."


Photos by Dick Duyves



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